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feedback from interviewees

After the completion of each interview, the employee is sent a short email survey about their experience with our Interviewer. The questionnaire covers professionalism, efficient use of time, clarity of questions and comfort in being open and honest. We have now conducted several thousand critical interviews for our clients and the average score achieved by our Interviewers to date is 5.7 out of 6 - a result we are very proud of.

Below are some of the verbatim comments that our client's employees have given on our service.

“Laura made me feel extremely comfortable and able to really express my views and listened to me in a way that made me feel that she really understood my explanations. What a really special person she is and obviously a wonderful asset to your organisation. Thank you so much.”

“It was a very positive experience at a difficult time of employment and I commend [client] in valuing their employees opinions.”

“A great service and the level of detail was brilliant!”

“Excellent question format - appropriate relating to both Management & Business”

“Great interview considering I didn't want to do it at all!!”

“Very polite and well spoken woman. Made what could have been a very boring and dull process, interesting and easy-going. Cheers”

“A worthwhile exercise!”

“Nicolette was professional, easy to talk to and helpful when I had doubts about who to send the completed feedback to. Thank you!”

“I felt completely at ease talking with Jayne and she captured the essence of my exit.”

“Katie made me feel at ease during the entire process. She was pleasant to speak with, and she never conveyed any hint of judging my responses in a personal sense.”

“Thank you, I hope the feedback can make a difference to benefit <> and the team that remains.”

“Amanda was very helpful and understanding. I was comfortable conducting an exit interview with her.”

“It was a pleasure talking with Katie. I felt at ease and had no qualms about giving 100% honest feedback. Katie was pleasant and showed care for me as a person (not just a voice on the end of the phone).”

“The required information was on the mark and I think a good way of employers finding out exactly what the feelings are of departing staff members”

“Thank you. It was actually enjoyable!”

“The ability to be able to provide honest feedback is welcome.”

“Jayne made the task very pain free. She was lovely to deal with.”

“Nicolette was extremely helpful at a time when I really needed to discuss and confide with someone on the outside from what happened – Thanks.”

“Jayne was great, a pleasure to talk to.”

“Jayne spoke in a very professional manner and made me laugh a few times which made me feel very comfortable.”

“Felt very comfortable and had the opportunity to express my views with full confidence.”

“This was my first experience of an exit interview and it was well done, professional and I felt comfortable answering the questions.”

“I felt very comfortable talking through my experiences with the Interviewer, who was both personable and sympathetic”

“It was a very smooth and professional process. Thanks.”

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